About Tiger Shark

Mario Moreno Salazar

Tiger shark pools and spas
83 Old Alcovy Road, Covington 30016

Mario is married with 3 children. He owns his home in Covington. He has worked in the landscaping business before starting in the pool business. He has been the right-hand man for Lloyd Rasmussen of Blue Ridge Pools, Inc. An in-ground gunite pool company that has been a premier builder of quality work in the Atlanta area for over 40 years. Mario does all aspects of the job. He sets up and digs the pools, does the steel basket, plumbing, gunite, and startups. He does most of the repair work also. The decking, electrical and plaster are done by other crews.

Mario has been selling and building pools for quite some time. The owner of Blue Ridge is in his 70’s and will be retiring soon. Mario is staying in the pool business building gunite pools and spas. He does all service work and knows pool chemistry and how to maintain a pool. His background in landscaping helps him see the projects and give valuable information in finishing the job.